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Liquid Haulers Maintenance

is a professional repair, manufacture, and maintenance facility in Moline, MI. We focus on tank trucks and trailers for a wide range of applications and are a Tremcar trailer dealer.

LHM provides a full range of tank testing and repair services:
  • Tank Testing VKIP for Annual & 5 Year Certifications of Code Trailers
  • Weights and Measures Calibration, State of Michigan
  • Mass Flow Metering of Fuel Delivery Systems
  • R-Stamp pressure vessel repairs, with National Board Certification

The company specializes in custom body builds including:
  • New Fuel Truck Assembly
  • Expertise in Fabricating with Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel
  • Remanufacture of Tank Trailer Chassis
  • Tank Trailer and Truck Configuration for Specialized Applications including Fuel Delivery, Oil Field, Dust Control, and Others
  • Additive Injection Systems
  • PTO and Hydraulic Systems Design and Installations

Our Parts Department sells from the top rated manufacturers including:
  • Betts
  • Civacon
  • Liquid Controls
  • Blackmer
Blackmer Tremcar Betts Industries